How it works

Natural Nursery Photography

My aim is to capture the precious time children spend at nursery with friends and key workers in a way that is unposed, natural and beautiful. The photos will depict real images of play, the children engaging in wonderful activities at the nursery and all the ways the children learn and grow during their time away from home. Our session will do this in a way that is easy and relaxed for nursery staff.

Before the day:

We will have a consultation, either in person or via phone to provisionally agree a date for the photo session, discuss how the day might run, how much time would be allocated to each room/age group and if there are any photos or activities the nursery would particularly like us to capture.

If at all possible, it would be helpful to receive a list of the children to ensure I am able to do my best to capture everyone in enough time. If convenient, I may come in and look around the nursery to review the location and talk in person with the staff. I will send you my terms and conditions, PVG Certificate and confirm a final date or dates to come in and photograph the children.

We will also discuss how best to obtain parent consent:
– for their children to be photographed
– for their children to be included in group photographs
– for the photos to be used by the nursery for display and marketing purposes
– for the photos to be used by the photographer for marketing purposes.
Parents may opt out of any of these at any time.


On the day:

I will arrive at an agreed time and allocate approximately 1 hour per room. I will move from room to room in the nursery in an unobtrusive way to capture natural photos of each of the children as they are playing and learning. Natural light is preferable so I will focus on outside spaces or rooms which have access to natural light.

Following the shoot, I will spend time sorting through the photos, editing and allocating them to an online gallery for each child, which will be password protected. At this stage I will send the nursery a card for each child, which includes a web address and password to allow access the particular online gallery.


I will leave the password-protected gallery online for an agreed amount of time, usually 1 month. The orders from parents will be produced and mailed to the parents directly from the online store and will not require any additional assistance from the nursery.

I would be happy to provide the nursery with up to 10 images of their own choice (subject to parent consent) that will be printed in any size up to A3 free of charge for display in the nursery.

In addition, you will be able to select 3 images that can be used for marketing and on brochures and websites.

After the agreed period, I will delete the nursery’s gallery from the website and it will no longer be available online or on my computer.