Timeless, whimsical and elegant

Capture real family memories, beautifully



It's not just a photo, it's a STORY


Images of our family history are important, they show us where we came from, the journeys people have taken, the weddings, the christenings, the milestones, the generations alongside each other, the newcomers and the goodbyes. They show us that we’ve got strong roots to grow. They remind us that we were so loved and that we loved each other. Family photos are more than just images, they’re stories.

And yet, how many photos are of you together? Your children aren’t going to want to display photos of themselves as babies one day. They’ll want to see YOU. They want to see their family.

I help families create and share their stories through relaxed and fun photo sessions at home or somewhere meaningful. I want to capture your children, but I also want to capture YOU. I want to create beautiful imagery that will show your children that you were present for them and how BEAUTIFUL that was. I want our session together to feel like a celebration of this life right now.

But sessions with me are different

I don’t only give you beautiful images to use and share, I also create artwork that complements your home. I want you to receive a FULL SERVICE, so that images don’t get left in a drawer, or lost on a disk (which used to so often be the case with me!). I want you to receive keepsakes that don’t require any extra time or energy, artwork that captures childhood and creates a feeling of home.

You’ll receive a gallery of hand-edited images to select the high resolution files as well as an heirloom folio album. I’ll help you to create beautiful fine art books that your children can page through, use and enjoy. I want to you to receive tangible memories of fleeting moments, that your children will treasure for years.


Prices and details for family photoshoots are in my brochure. Sessions start from £175.

This includes a pre-session telephone consultation

Relaxed 1.5 – 2 hour photosession in your home or out and about somewhere meaningful to you and your family

A gallery of all the images from which you will be able to select your favourites

High resolution digital images are purchased separately as part of the packages below. Most clients spend between £500 and £1200.